Session #8 : Shady Grove – Multiple versions

Après une incursion vers l’évolution du Jazz des années 1920 au JazzGrass actuel et de magnifiques interprétations ou ré interprétations, nous allons revenir aux sources Roots avec ce morceau de la fin du XVIII° siècle aux multiples facettes : Blues, Scotch-Irish, Old Time, Bluegrass, Rock et Progressive Rock…

Ce morceau mythique que tout musicien doit savoir interpréter est aussi une chanson. Je vous donne deux versions à peu près « politiquement correctes »… Vous devez choisir une version des paroles et une grille. Vous pouvez transposer pour être plus à l’aise.

Votre mission sera de travailler votre interprétation afin de proposer « la » version qui saura séduire le groupe et … vous apporter une entière satisfaction !

Je vous joint aussi quelques exemples musicaux.

A vous !

After a visit into the evolution of Jazz from the 1920s to the current JazzGrass and magnificent interpretations or reinterpretations, we are going to return to Roots sources with this multifaceted piece from the end of the 18th century: Blues, Scotch-Irish, Old Time, Bluegrass, Rock and Progressive Rock …

This mythical piece that every musician must know how to interpret is also a song. I’ll give you two more or less « politically correct » versions … You have to choose a version of the lyrics and a grid. You can transpose to be more comfortable.

Your mission will be to work on your interpretation in order to offer « the » version that will seduce the group and … bring you complete satisfaction!

I am also attaching some musical examples to you.

To you !

Grille simple… mais efficace !

Grille mythique de Doc Watson…

Grille tout aussi mythique de J.Garcia & D.Grisman !



Shady Grove

Trad. Doc Watson

Shady Grove, my little love Shady Grove I say

Shady Grove, my little love I’m bound to go ,away

Cheeks as red a a blooming rose And eyes are the prettiest brown

She’s the darling of my heart Sweetest girl in towm

I wish I had a big fine horse And corn to feed him on

And Shady Grove to stay at home And feed him while I’m gone

Went to see my Shady Grove She was standing in the door

Her shoes and stockin’s in her hand And her little bare feet on the floor

When I was a little boy I wanted a Barlow knife

And now I want little Shady Grove To say she’ll be my wife

A kiss form pretty little Shady Grove Is sweet as brandy wine

And ther ain’t no girl in this old world Thats’s prettier than mine


Shady Grove

Trad. J.Garcia & D.Grisman

Peaches in the summertime Apples in the fall

If I can’t get the girl I love I don’t want none at all

Shady Grove, my little love Shady Grove, I know

Shady Grove, my little love I’m bound for Shady Grove

Wish I had a banjo string Made of golden twine

Every tune I’d play on it I wish that girl was mine

I wish I had a needle and thread The finest I could sew

Sew that pretty girl to my side And down the road I’d go

Some come here to fiddle and dance Some come here to tarry

Some here to fiddle and dance I come here to marry

Every night when I go home My wife, I try to please her

The more I try, the worse she gets Damned if I don’t leave her

Shady Grove, my little love Shady Grove, my darlin’

Shady Grove, my little love I goin’ back to town

Shady Grove, my little love Shady Grove, my darlin’

Shady Grove, my little love I’m bound for Shady Grove

Session #7 : Bye Bye Blues in C

Bye Bye Blues ! La porte d’entrée vers le Jazz Grass… A absolument avoir dans sa musette pour travailler des suites de jazz classique.

Vous en avez deux versions : une Root et une plus Jazzy. Je vous conseille de travailler les 2. Et de respecter la métrique. La tonalité traditionnelle – depuis 1924 – est en DO = C. Je vous joins la version de Doc Watson. La version de Les Paul & Mary Ford est aussi un must. Allez, je vous la joint aussi… Plus quelques autres versions remarquables. Travaillez ce morceau à votre tempo. De toute façon il est splendide à n’importe quelle vitesse !

Pour les chanteurs.euses la scansion ne pose pas de pbs particuliers.


Bye Bye Blues! The gateway to Jazz Grass … A must have in your bag when working with classical jazz suites.

You have two versions of it: a Root and a more Jazzy one. I advise you to work the 2. And to respect the metric. The traditional key – since 1924 – is in C. I enclose you the version of Doc Watson. The Les Paul & Mary Ford version is also a must see. Come on, I’ll join it to you too … Plus a few other notable versions. Practice this song at your own tempo. Anyway, he’s gorgeous at any speed!

For singers, the scansion does not have any particular pbs.

Doc Watson :

Doc Watson et David Grisman :

Piano Bar version :

Les Paul & Mary Ford :

Jethro Burns :

Jeff Beck & Imelda May :

Strum Machine version simple :

Strum Machine version jazzy :